Digital Evolution Consulting


Healthcare, NHS and Pharmaceutical organisations face challenges constantly around the need to provide the right care at the right time for patients coupled with inefficient ways of working, financial pressures, difficulties in achieving interoperability and meeting the digital agenda.

The NHS is currently going through a digital revolution with many assessing the benefits to be gained through traditional “Big Prime” contracts versus Cloud Services and developing in-house or multi-sourced agreements.

At DEC, we don’t promise silver bullets. But we do listen carefully, recommend thoughtfully and work alongside our healthcare and NHS clients to solve problems and build greater capacity within their own organisations. That includes digital and strategic visions and partnering with suppliers to streamline and transform operations and execute new digital models for a better patient experience.

DEC consultants have led significant digital transformations within healthcare and pharmaceuticals with extensive experience of working within Private, Acute, Mental Health and Community Services. Our consultants collaboratively work with healthcare teams (clinical and non-clinical), 3rd party suppliers, capital and procurement teams to support the delivery of strategic programmes in a focused and practical way ensuring time, cost and quality requirements are met and benefits are realised.

Above all, we work with you to understand your needs—and deliver tailored, real-world solutions to meet them.