Digital Evolution Consulting


Digital technologies are transforming every aspect of business—and no ‘off the shelf’ solution will equip you to keep pace. DEC’s transformation programmes are designed to deliver immediate value, while also building your capabilities, processes and mindsets necessary to sustain and evolve with your digital evolution.


Digital Evolution Consulting knows that successful organisations free their employees to be more creative rather than processing the mundane. Using the DEC’s unique assessment techniques and understanding your organisation’s digital roadmap of where you would like to be, we work with you to choose and apply the right technologies suited to your business needs.

Digitising the customer experience

The organisation of the future will need to exceed customer expectations with highly personalised and seamless interactions and 24/7 access to human and digital services.

DEC helps you to transform the end-to-end customer journey embracing digital that not only enhances the customer experience but also improves business performance. DEC can help your organisation to establish a roadmap and target operating model that will enable you to deliver better quality products and services to your customers. Through effective user research, UX design and design thinking DEC can help you to transform and evolve the end to end experience for your customers.

Digitising your workforce

The workforce of the future will require higher levels of interaction with smart technology, and the organisation’s structure will play a key role in redefining traditional roles. Multidisciplinary agile and lean improvement teams will need to work with machines to improve the customer experiences and operating business processes. Embedding a digital culture in an organisation steered by Leadership is critical to evolving your organisation and digitising your workforce. A shift in mindset is required in order to maximise the impact of AI and robotic process automation (RPA) from experimentation to transformation.

DEC can help your organisation establish a roadmap and target operating model that will enable you to deliver efficiently at scale and manage your digital workforce in a fast and fluid manner. Whilst technology is used to automate, this in turn moves employees away from the intellectually mundane and enhances employee experience through more fulfilling and empowering jobs.

The Human Resource function today needs to go beyond its operational role and transition to become an enabler of business outcomes driven through people and talent-based initiatives.

DEC helps clients look beyond traditional employees, including contingent workers, automation and technology, to focus on the total workforce. DEC’s HR Transformation approach keeps a continual focus on business needs to help HR align its operating model, policies, people, processes and technologies to improve the HR function and assist with the execution of business and HR strategy execution.

By adopting agile innovation and implementation techniques to improve the pace and quality of outcomes, DEC can help organizations reduce cost, improve compliance and increase the tangible outcomes supporting the execution of business strategy. Optimizing efficiency, effectiveness, and controls and building agility to respond to organizational changes and the forefront of DEC’s HR Transformation philosophy.

Digitising Operations and Processes

Machines and AI will increasingly operate more and more business processes, making almost all day-to-day business decisions and executing an increasing share of tasks. As machine and AI processes take over business operations, the role of humans will change. Over time, we expect to see a shift from processes operated by humans to processes designed and audited by humans. To fully capture the benefits of AI and learning, and to reap the benefits of investing in advance technologies, organisations will be pushed to adopt common, technology enabled end-to-end processes.

It is inefficient and costly to continuously upgrade and improve large numbers of small-scale systems. Centralised processes can be improved, monitored or operated from anywhere in the world offering the benefit of a stable and low-cost base with people freed from mundane operations to focus on value-add business imperatives.

DEC offers our clients solutions that support and enhance business operations and processes. Through DEC’s open-source and DevOps partners we can automate time-consuming tasks that modern machines can now execute faster and more accurately (such as finding patterns in images, text or speech).

Through DEC’s deep expertise in business process re-engineering and lean and by automating routine, repeatable tasks, your staff will be able to focus on higher-value work, with intelligent decision-making support for organisation leaders.