Digital Evolution Consulting

UX/Service design

Expertise in the launch of user-centred products and services. We work with you to ensure the successful launch and longevity of a new product or service by leading you through a user-centred process from the outset, ensuring costs of development are minimised, uptake boosted and longevity increased.

User-Centred product & Service design

Our process includes:

  • Identifying the user/customer and the need
  • Empathy mapping
  • Drafting a value proposition 
  • Collection and collation of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Decision point: are we solving a real problem?
  • Identification of UX champions for the project 
  • Auditing digital assets ensuring usability and experiences in line with user and customer expectations
  • Challenging internal processes which have a direct impact on customer experience
  • Mapping current user and customer experiences and looking for opportunities for improvement

UX Strategy

A UX strategy offers organisations a roadmap towards UX maturity and a user and customer centred approach at a granular level. As well as approaching singular products and services, a successful and impactful UX strategy requires an organisation-wide approach. Often requiring an education piece, adopting this approach firstly requires an understanding of the benefits of UX and expected ROI on the costs of external expertise.

  • We can help get buy-in from management
  • Identify and train UX ‘champions’ from across the organisation
  • Create a UX statement and principles
  • Hold a series of cross-departmental workshops to help increase buy-in from , break down silos and 
  • Determine a set of KPIs to drive innovation, growth and impact
  • Embed voice of the user/customer into data-driven insights for sustainable business growth
  • Drive towards UX maturity, the characteristics of which include; 
      • Embedded user-centred process design and digital transformation
      • Consistent, organisation wide  approach to to user and customer experience
      • Cross-departmental planning for new services and products from the outset
      • Increased turnover and profitability
      • Data-driven business decision making
      • Increased customer retention, onboarding and advocacy

UX Training

We are highly experienced in the delivery of in-house corporate workshops as well as open training sessions. Workshops are currently conducted online and are engaging, interactive and fun to be part of. All resources are included and we encourage attendees from all business units and from all levels.

We also offer 1-2-1 mentoring sessions either on a standalone basis or following group workshops in order to drive UX transformation and impact.

Recent workshops include:

  • UX 101: An introduction to User Experience and how to get started 
  • Buyer Personas: STOP! Don’t spend anything until you’ve attended  this workshop
  • Why do customers buy from us?
  • Breaking down silos: Let’s get talking and make an impact
  • Writing a customer-driven value proposition 
  • We’re in: getting your UX statement and principles nailed down
  • User research techniques: how to get the best results from user interviews and focus groups

Common Outputs

  • Boost digital capability and understanding while significantly increasing revenue, innovation and, therefore, job creation.
  • Increase the speed of growth to twice as much as those businesses that have minimal digital presence or understanding as to how to design for their customer or client.  
  • Clarify business goals, learn from others and build viable and sustainable business models 
  • Arm them with skills and knowledge, setting them apart from the competition such as creating cost efficiencies and attracting new customers or clients.