Digital Evolution Consulting


We acknowledge the increasing rivalry for content, competition for audiences, and convergence of communication, media, and technology providers

The media industry is undergoing a digital revolution with fundamental shifts in power impacting most if not all media organisations. As opposed to a broadcaster ‘pushing’ content to audiences to consume at scheduled times, the audience are now increasingly in charge, ‘pulling’ whatever content they want to consume from whichever media organisation that has it, whenever and wherever it suits on a device of their choice.

AI, data and cloud strategies are becoming popular among media organisations looking to exploit and monetise their assets more effectively, with a closer understanding of every individual viewer’s preferences. Cloud solutions will continue to grow in importance and be key to storing, processing and delivering media to any place, at any time on any device.

DEC consultants have extensive experience in film and TV digital distribution at senior leadership levels across companies such as Sky, Bloomberg Huawei, FilmFlex Movies Ltd and BT.

Digital has transformed marketing as we know it.

Agencies, whose largest constituency was marketing departments, now need to realign themselves to the changing needs of the end consumer and their own clients to stay relevant and not get relegated to only being the ‘creative’ partner. To be ‘creative’ in a digital world is now an omnichannel delivery of a conversation, engagement and experience. This needs new approaches, new technical skills, and new analytical and data marketing skills than ever before.

The proliferation of social media and digital marketing have changed the dynamics of commercial messaging. New media avenues have paved the way for opportunities that never existed before – programmatic advertising is offering limitless choices and flexibility related to placement, timing, and format of ads and led to multiple layers of complexity. Consumers increasingly choose to receive the commercial messages they want and which they find helpful, and native advertising is often the preferred form for receiving content for them. Savvy consumers expect brands to personalise communication and messages – sending them messages that do not fit their needs, interests or lifestyles eventually erodes their respect for the brand.

However, this needs equal alignment between an agency’s strategy, creativity, and technology.