Digital Evolution Consulting



  • Openness and integrity are at the heart of our ethos in building meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients, consultants and partners.
  • Straight talking. We ‘tell you as it is’.
  • We work in close collaboration with our clients and put the people who will be affected by change at the heart of the transformation process.
  • DEC focus on making good experiences, great – aiming to create seamless, faster and better experiences for your business, customers and staff.



  • DEC works as an innovation hub, taking risks to create successes, generating ideas and validating their business potential within in our own work environment before we utilise them for our clients’ benefit.
  • Our consultants are encouraged to help us make bold advances and DEC provides the support for them to do so, from concept through implementation, our environment creates progress by cultivation, not command.
  • We adapt project approaches to client needs and are agnostic regarding methods, tools and technology.
  • DEC deliver tailored solutions, with best practice in mind.
  • Nimble to scale up or down depending on our clients’ requirements.