Digital Evolution Consulting

About Us

Innovative boutique

Unconventional, DEC break away from the expected. A boutique consultancy with big consultancy mindset. Our consultants have experience with the “big boys” (Accenture, McKinsey and BT to name a few) and have taken that experience to evolve a new consultancy fit for a digital age.

You’ve seen consultancies before that talk about digital before. They talk about disruptive technology, start showing you technologies that competitors in your sector are using. So what makes Digital Evolution Consulting different? We’ve evolved from this sector, the dissatisfaction that you’ve experienced with traditional and large consultancies is exactly why we created DEC.

Personalised touch

We provide high quality consultancy with a personalised touch. Having ‘gone it alone’ before forming DEC our consultants are adaptable, immersing ourselves with our clients and adopting their strategic objectives as our own.

We also look at what is right for you. Are you going to make use of all of the features of the latest solution to disrupt your sector or is there a more cost effective solution that enables your business process. We work to find you cost effective solutions that are fit for purpose and aligned to your vision.


Speaking your language

Rather than imposing a torrent of management consultancy jargon, DEC consultants speak your language. We work with you to understand your business and as such adapt our approach and whilst we will never reach your level of proficiency we endeavour to use your terms to express ourselves.

You are in the driving seat

Where some consultancies will try to make the process seem highly specialised, we give away our secrets and try to leave you with a driven and informed workforce capable of continuing your evolution. We put you in the driving seat.

Working as One Team

Unconventional, DEC break away from the expected. Our collaborative approach enables the delivery of solutions, with openness and trust, that aligns to the organisation’s strategic objectives at a pace and scale that delivers meaningful results at speed.

Value Driven

  • Working collaboratively with our clients, DEC strives to deliver value from day one.
  • Our agile approach provides you with actionable and tangible results as early as possible through a personalised and flexible service at an affordable cost illustrating true value for money (as compared with recruitment and managed service firms).
  • Working as ‘one team’ with our clients, associates and partners, DEC is challenges the status quo and legacy consulting models…the difference is that our extraordinary people bring forward-thinking ideas, agility, capability and commitment to delivering meaningful impacts at pace.


DEC’s resourcing model sets us apart from traditional consultancies in how we resource programmes for our clients. Our core team of management consultants is augmented by a larger network of transformation professionals, whom we can call upon to resource client programmes as needed.

DEC consultants, or associates, provide a pool of expertise that enables us to deliver at pace and scale, whatever the challenge from our clients. Our associate network is continually growing through personal referrals and all potential associates are interviewed and carefully validated before placement with clients.

Advantages of the DEC resourcing model: