Digital Evolution Consulting

Prepare, Transform, Evolve

DEC is a boutique strategic advisory and transformation consultancy focused on delivering client solutions across three digital business units: Strategy, Transformation, Delivery

Digital Evolution Consulting

DEC provides strategic change services to private and public sector organisations, working in collaboration with our clients through the transformation journey and delivering fit for purpose and cost-effective solutions.

DEC consultants have experience in numerous industry sectors enabling us to ‘hit the ground running’ working with you at board and ground level to provide fit for purpose solutions for your organisation, with the objective of leaving your teams with a culture of incremental improvement and ability to deliver continuous transformations.

DEC strives to deliver the expertise of much larger consulting conglomerates, but with the personalised approach, flexibility and affordable cost often associated with recruitment and managed service firms.



Healthcare and NHS organisations face challenges constantly around the need to provide the right care at the right time for patients coupled with inefficient ways of working, financial pressures, difficulties in achieving interoperability and meeting the digital agenda.


Working with the UK's premier telecoms companies DEC consultants have vast experience in delivering major digital programmes including start-up, turnaround and service management. Aging and complex legacy IT applications are a major hindrance in competing against nimble digital rivals.


We acknowledge the increasing rivalry for content, competition for audiences, and convergence of communication, media, and technology providers The media industry is undergoing a digital revolution with fundamental shifts in power impacting most if not all media organisations.


A major shift in advertising has occurred with consumption patterns changing in our digital world, where users are on multiple devices and operate in an omnichannel world. Agencies, whose largest constituency was marketing departments.


With extensive experience working in Financial Services across the UK’s leading retail banks and investment houses, our consultants enable clients to transform their businesses delivering true digital evolution at scale and speed with agility.


From central government agencies to local authorities DEC consultants have worked on projects and programmes transforming operational processes, customer service improvements and major systems implementation.

Our Unique Transformation Approach:

DEC believes any transformation activity needs to be holistic – strategy, structure, process, culture, technology and customers are inter-linked when undertaking change.

  • PREPARE - Review your Vision, Strategy and Capability against DEC’s maturity assessment and design your strategic roadmap.
  • TRANSFORM - DEC works with your people as ‘one team’ to deliver successful change programmes that are aligned your strategic goals.
  • EVOLVE - Be equipped with the structure, practices and behaviours to continually transform.


Innovative Boutique

A boutique consultancy with big consultancy mindset. Our consultants have experience with the “big boys” (Accenture, McKinsey and BT to name a few) and have taken that experience to evolve a new consultancy fit for a digital age.

Personalised Touch

We provide high quality consultancy with a personalised touch. Having ‘gone it alone’ before forming DEC our consultants are adaptable, immersing ourselves with our clients and adopting their strategic objectives as our own.

You are in the driving seat

Where some consultancies will try to make the process seem highly specialised, we give away our secrets and try to leave you with a driven and informed workforce capable of continuing your evolution. We put you in the driving seat.

Speaking Your Language

We work with you to understand your business and as such adapt our approach and whilst we will never reach your level of proficiency we endeavor to use your terms to express ourselves.

Value Driven

Working with our clients, DEC strives to deliver value from day one. Our agile approach provides you with actionable and tangible results as early as possible through a personalised & flexible'


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