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Data is the most valuable asset in any organisation, and thus many data transformation programmes and projects are launched. However, are you truly maximising the value driven by that data? Are you utilising data to support business decisions and in a meaningful way?

Data Transformation


Digital Evolution Consulting is experienced in infrastructure upgrades and an increased shift to cloud, data platforms are one of key areas of consideration for a shift to the cloud. Many organisations adopt a cloud first strategy however forget it is not only a technology discussion, but a more comprehensive discussion related to people, skills, process and the overall fit in the overall technical landscape. DEC offers advisory, specialist and implementation services related to Data Transformation. 

Digitising and Transforming Data

Data is increasing becoming a huge asset for organisations and learning from this data will become an essential capability. Organisations need to invest in gathering data, managing data well (e.g. investing in cloud)—so that it is utilised whilst being protected. This will drive insights and learning for better decisions and create value for your organisation’s customers and business operations. Modernising legacy systems enables companies to handle masses of data and use that data across silos, accelerating data processing. Digital technologies of today and the future coupled with new ways of working make it possible to simultaneously build a data platform for the future and achieve rapid results today.

DEC offers clients simple to use data solutions, which enables clear communication and insight with an intuitive design. DEC’s data consultants have a passion and experience in the field of data transformation from architecting a consolidated master data set to designing visuals, business intelligence and machine learning built on cloud technologies (e.g. Azure).

Data transformation
Data Platform

Considerations for data platform projects:

Based on DEC’s experience the following points should be considered, to ensure success, whenever you prepare for a data platform project: 

  • Prioritise services that are needed for the business and represent the best ROI
  • Platform agility is key for incremental development and sustainability 
  • Process and people are paramount to a successful adoption and utilisation of data

Data Visualisation:

Transform the way you consume your data, gain valuable business insights, and operate a modern BI solution by using Data Visualisations. Creating dashboards and deploying other visual tools are not a merely technical endeavour but one that involves business transformation, changes to ways of working, data cleansing, upskilling of staff, and user adoption.

DEC offers data transformation services including data visualisations utilising modern BI platforms such as: MS Power BI, Tableau and Qlik to name a few, to support your teams and management in making sound business decisions that are based on your data insights.

Our services include: review of your KPI and measurement metrics, harmonisation of business rules and market definitions to create consistent data, creation of relevant dashboards and other visualisations with supporting change management to ensure their adoption.

Data Visualisation