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Programme Delivery

There is no singular Programme Delivery method that suits all our customers. All organisations aspire to be more Agile in their approach as they see this as a faster route to project and programme delivery. Agile requires a huge resource investment compared to say the more traditional waterfall approaches. At DEC we like to consider levels of agility that we can turn up and down dependent on our customers’ ability to commit resource.

Working with you as one team we blend our techniques to fit with your established governance model. This means that you can feel assured that your organisation can adapt more Agile techniques that stick. Whilst working with us we can start to evolve your governance if needed to a more streamlined approach that removes processes that add little value. This enables you to become more reactive and responsive to changes within the programme delivery.

As our customers progress on their digital journey we have generally found that we are able to turn up the level of agility and start delivering products earlier. As this continues we start to move from traditional stage plans to incremental releases each defined by a workable deliverable.

At DEC we have consultants that are experts in project and programme delivery. We are battle hardened having been involved in full delivery lifecycle and the turnaround of failing projects. We get stuck in to understand the What, the Why and the When so that we can work out the How. We can work with your internal team and blend with appropriate experts to supplement the programme team and ease the delivery burden.

Our methodology is designed to fit all types of programmes:


Identify, Assess, Approve

In the prepare phase we perform a discovery of your organisation as we map the programme requirements, conduct a technical feasibility. Review processes and key success criteria against your organisational objectives and tailor a fit for purpose solution.

Following a complete mapping exercise, we develop a concrete project plan that will meet the client’s unique needs in keeping with both budget and timelines. In developing this project plan, we consider your organisational pressures and recommend an appropriate team blended between your internal team and our trusted consultants. In addition, project dependencies are identified in order to put in place adequate alignment mechanisms that can handle any changes that could impact the project.


Build, Upskill, Deploy

In the Transform phase, we move the project into production. We have now mapped the requirements, designed the solution we start building a solution based on a detailed, approved project plan. We propose an agile project methodology, but we will at this stage have conducted a readiness assessment and adjust our approach accordingly. Making the agile approach work is just as much about making sure it organically fits the team working with it. To keep an eye on progress, we will do weekly project status meetings and operate a steering committee with monthly meetings.

As part of the Transform phase we will prepare the organisation for handover and train your internal to be able to take full ownership and champion the approved solution. An implemented solution with no local ownership is about as valuable as the paper it is documented on, so our success criteria includes getting users onboard, engaged and ready to use and develop their skillset.


Review, Enhance, Advance

As anyone who has worked with projects will attest to, the process doesn’t end when the developer is out the door. Following completion of the agile deliveries, there will be a period of stability when the dust will settle as your staff become familiar and comfortable working with the implemented solutions. It is often in these initial weeks or months, of support, where an organisation will truly understand the value of the solution, as well as notice where tweaks and adaptions would come in handy.

Having delivered and signed off on the project, we offer post-project check-point meetings every quarter after project closure which includes scope review, further training (or re-training) and feasibility assessment of future programmes that take you further towards your Digital Vision.

The DEC team takes a holistic approach to programme delivery, ensuring that transformation benefits the entire organisation.

Delivery Programmes Include: